Friday Re-cap!

Well as one can see I'm not what you call keeping up on things very well with this blog as I had hoped back in January. So much for that commitment and change :(

So I started thinking about what it was that I could do to commit my self to insuring I complete at least one post a week. I don't think its hard commitment and I feel its some what realistic, so I've decided that at least every Friday I could do a "Friday Re-CAP!", yep its exactly what it means. Ive been reading allot of other peoples blogs (yep I'm addicted, its like reality TV I just can't get enough of it.) and I love to read about other peoples lives and how they deal with the every day grind, what makes them tick and how they work through life's troubles. So with that being said why not be an open book, why not use this a place for therapy, a place to lay it all out on the table with photography of course. I don't want to loose track of what this blog is really for but I also want people to know who I am and a place for me to call home. So today is the first day of my Friday Re-cap, we're I can talk about what the week brought and how good and bad it may have been. Lord knows its going to be an interesting summer!

So lets get started!

1. Life in an apartment has been good so far. I think the hardest thing is just keeping the kids quite so that we don't drive our neighbors crazy. Speaking of neighbors we have been blessed with two wonderful neighbors. Of course the one is moving out this weekend which we will miss her but hope to gain another great neighbor.  The kids love going to the Parks, which are all with in a short walking distance. Reid got to learn to ride his bike without his training wheels in one week due to having a nice large driveway in the back of our apartment. Hes a pro now!

(Sorry didn't get a great one of him on my Iphone)

I got a gym membership which is less then 5mins from the apartment and has been a great stress reliever and helping me get into shape. Now if I could only get my food intake under control everything would be great. I'm working out 4-5 times a week, I love ZUMBA class its so fun even for the non-coordinated person I am. I feel so accomplished when I leave that class knowing that I worked my butt off. Theres something about being a member of a gym that gives me the motivation to make the change perhaps its the cost of the membership that keeps me going back so that I don't just waist money :)!

2. We officially signed a purchase agreement for our new home with a set closing date of July 9th! We have the apartment until July 30th so it gives us a few weeks to get all moved in. I've been obsessed with finding decorating ideas and making lists for what I want to do first, sec and third. Of course Tom has a very different plan then I do so we have to find a way to meet in the middle so that we are both happy... sounds like married life in a nut shell, right! So I wanted to give you a glimpse of what our new home looks like...

Were getting 11 acres which is mostly wooded except for the portion around the house! We are supper excited... 3 bedrooms on the main floor, 1 full bath (w/double sinks my fav.), 3/4 bath and 1/2 bath, main floor laundry, vaulted ceilings in the kitchen/dining/living room, large walk in master closet (another fav), finished basement with two bedrooms and two family/play room areas with a walk out.... I also never thought I would be so excited to gain a three stall attached garage but with our spring and winters here in WI its a must and not having one for the last 3 years sucked, plain and simple.

This new home definitely doesn't require a large amount of work like the last did,, just mostly cosmetic stuff like lots of DIY projects which I am so excited about. Take a look at my pintrest boards to see what I'm dreaming about! I can't wait. I think the biggest thing for me is getting my self to understand that not every thing/project can be done on day one and that its going to take a few years for this home to look the way I envision it. (so hard for me, I strive for instant gratification, time is never on my side!)

3. I feel like I've been on the go since we moved from our house but I guess I had thought that by planning events/activities for the weekend that kept us away from the apartment was a good thing to do, I'm now second guessing it. I don't mind the apartment, Tom on the other hand can't take being in the apartment with the kids more then 2 hours at a time, he just can't sit still. I thought about planning a family weekend getaway for next weekend however I'm beginning to think that staying home might just be a better idea! But for now we are off to Grandma/Grandpa's house for the weekend and plan to see some friends and just hang out. If only the weather would be nicer so that we can plan to do more things outside. I want the 65-70 degree weather!!

Well that's my Friday Re-cap! I hope to get a spring photo shoot of the kids done soon so I hope to share that with you out side of the Friday re-cap posts. I had to reschedule my mini-shoots in Marshfield for this weekend due to lack of participation but I'm thinking it was a blessing being that the forecast for tomorrow isn't looking all that good.


2012 SPRING MINI Photo Sessions, Marshfield, WI Family Photographer

Yep its that time of year and I hoping spring continues to spring....

Email for available times starting at 9am.


CHANGES!!! On the Home Front....

Well you may have noticed that I have been a bit absent from my blog that past few months. Well we have had a very busy feb. and march this year that we hadn't really planned for. Some of you may know that we had listed our home on the MLS last year however opted to remove our home right around Christmas and had plans to re list it in the spring. Well about a few weeks after we pulled our home from the market we received an offer and we accepted it. So needless to say we spent the months of feb and march cleaning, packing, purging (lots of it) and searching for a new home. We also had to take on the replacement of one of the basement walls (I should say my husband and others tackled it). And we closed on March 30th!

While searching for a new home we came up short and couldn't find one to close on and move in at the same time we closed on our new house. We ended up choosing a short term lease at a 2 bedroom apartment. We went from a 5 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom home and one stall garage. Thanks to family and friends we packed everything we didn't need for simple living in the apartment and moved it all into a storage shed. We've been living in the apartment for 2 weeks and the kids are loving the park a block from our apartment (life saver for Tom and I!) We hope to find a new home and close by early July being our lease is up at the end of July.

This isn't the first time we've done this however at least this time we aren't living in a apartment and remodeling a home, at least not yet!

I attached some of our pics from our last days at our old house. (Sorry for the quality IPhone pics)

 I told the kids to go say good buy to their rooms for the last time and took a pic of each one of them. So far the seem to be adjusting fairly well! Thank goodness....
 (Gotta love a 2 year old expression! And I thought she was getting better in front of the camera!)

Stay tuned to some information regarding Spring Mini Shoots in Marshfield WI, I will be posting dates soon.

LIVE, LOVE, LIFE... And a new home!!!